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1 consider as a god or god-like; "These young men deify financial success"
2 exalt to the position of a God; "the people deified their King" [also: deified]

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From etyl fr déifier, from etyl la deificare, from deus.


  • a UK /ˈdeɪɪfaɪ/|/ˈdiːɪfaɪ/
  • a US /ˈdiː.ə.faɪ/|/ˈdeɪ.ə.faɪ/


  1. To make a god of (something or someone).
  2. To treat as worthy of worship; to regard as a deity.

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to make a god of

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Ten Thousand Fists is the third studio album by American rock band Disturbed. It was released on September 20, 2005 - three years and three days after the release of their previous album Believe. It became Disturbed's 2nd straight #1 debut on the Billboard 200 chart as well as their second #1 album in New Zealand. It also reached #2 in Canada, #11 in Australia, #21 in Germany, #37 in Austria, #59 in the UK, and #62 in Switzerland. The album was certified 2x Platinum in June, 2007. It is also the first Disturbed album to not feature a "Parental Advisory Sticker". It is also the first Disturbed album to feature John Moyer as the bass player instead of longtime bassist and founding member Steve "Fuzz" Kmak.


The track "Guarded" was released to rock and metal stations in late June as a teaser, and the fully promoted first single "Stricken" was released on July 20, 2005, and was the theme song for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)'s pay-per-view New Year's Revolution on January 8, 2006. The 2nd single from the album was "Just Stop". The album also features a cover of the song "Land of Confusion", originally written by Genesis. The song became the third single from the album, and the band worked with Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo on the video (renowned comic book artists responsible for Ten Thousand Fists album cover).
This is the first album in which Disturbed's mascot "The Guy" appears on the album cover. He also appears on the album cover of Disturbed's fourth studio album, Indestructible.
Interestingly, a restricted-release disc was apparently compromised, and the album became available on the BitTorrent network on July 27, 2005 at 11:47 AM, fifty-five days before the officially scheduled release. Most BitTorrent sites, however, have since blocked searches for the album after requests from the copyright holder, citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The disc had alternate spellings for some of the song titles: "Overburdend" and "Sacred Life" (as opposed to the actual track names "Overburdened" and "Sacred Lie")
The widely known "fan club edition" of the album never existed. An error made by marketing and website staff enabled the posting of the information of a "fan club edition" that would supposedly contain two bonus tracks. This CD does not, in fact, exist due to the aforementioned errors. A "Special Edition" of the album was published and came with the CD and a book of illustrations by McFarlane and Capullo (in the standard release the eight page CD booklet also featured their illustrations as well but not to the extent that the special edition book includes). The CD cover had a black background instead of the orange/brown gradient background on the cover of the standard release.
The song "Decadence" was featured in the video game Need for Speed: Most Wanted, while "Stricken" was featured in New Years Revolution 2006 and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. The song "Pain Redefined" was also used in the 2008 movie Never Back Down.

Track listing

  1. "Ten Thousand Fists" – 3:35
  2. "Just Stop" – 3:48
  3. "Guarded" – 3:25
  4. "Deify" – 4:20
  5. "Stricken" – 4:09
  6. "I'm Alive" – 4:44
  7. "Sons of Plunder" – 3:53
  8. "Overburdened" – 6:01
  9. "Decadence" – 3:29
  10. "Forgiven" – 4:17
  11. "Land of Confusion" – 4:52 (Originally written and performed by Genesis)
  12. "Sacred Lie" – 3:10
  13. "Pain Redefined" – 4:12
  14. "Avarice" – 2:57
All tracks written by David Draiman, Dan Donegan, Mike Wengren and John Moyer (credited as Disturbed), unless otherwise noted.

European Tour Edition bonus tracks

"Monster" - 4:04 "Two Worlds" - 3:32


B-side tracks

The album had five B-side tracks that were not released on the album, but rather on various singles and other albums. They are:
  • "Hell" - 4:14 (On one of the "Stricken" singles)
  • "Monster" - 4:04 ("Tour Edition" of Ten Thousand Fists)
  • "Two Worlds" - 3:32 ("Tour Edition" of Ten Thousand Fists)
  • "Sickened" - 4:00 ("Land of Confusion" single)
  • "Criminal" - 4:16 (Released on Indestructible in 2008)


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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

accord respect to, admire, adore, adulate, aggrandize, apotheose, apotheosize, appreciate, beatify, belaud, bepraise, bless, blow up, boast of, brag about, canonize, celebrate, crown, cry up, defer to, elevate, emblazon, ennoble, enshrine, entertain respect for, enthrone, esteem, eulogize, exalt, extol, favor, fetish, fetishize, flatter, glamorize, glorify, hero-worship, hold in esteem, hold in reverence, honor, idol, idolatrize, idolify, idolize, immortalize, laud, lionize, look up to, magnify, make legendary, make much of, overpraise, panegyrize, pay tribute, porter aux nues, praise, prize, puff, puff up, raise, regard, respect, revere, reverence, saint, salute, sanctify, set up, think highly of, think much of, think well of, throne, trumpet, uplift, value, venerate, worship
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